Feeling kind of misty

I’m a creative professional. I know, right now I have everything I need. I have a project description, I have my tools, my own space and time… Why can’t I just do what I need to do? Write stuff, make stuff, try stuff. I feel I’m so stuck inside my head. A creative block I guess. How can I make a start? Why doesn’t anything fall into place?

Argh… please anyone some tips?

Photo by Enrico Mantegazza on Unsplash


An ordinary woman’s blog. Why?

I’m a woman, a mother of two sons and a creative professional. Sometimes messy and chaotic, always passionate, most of the time goal oriented — as wel professionally as personally.

Let’s state that I don’t feel ordinary at all. I have very interesting friends and a big, beautiful family. We see each other often to hang out and to share meals together. I’ve traveled to places throughout Europe and some places in Japan. I read lots of books and stuff online about politics, philosophy, art theory and visual culture. My life is rich, thick and vibrant.

But I surely I must be ordinary. Let’s face it, there are millions of women, millions of mothers and millions of creative professionals, right? I mean, aren’t we all special and unique?

I’m starting this blog to ventilate some thoughts about my surroundings. I live in a modern country (the Netherlands) with pretty good… well, everything is pretty good, I guess.

But I feel we still have some things that can be improved. Not that I want to be super critical. Neither do I think that I can change things – important things – with this humble writings…

This first blog post is perfect to make the statement that I have no expectations, no goals. On the other hand, I have nothing to loose and practically no readers and no feedback. (Sounding pretty sad like this, but hey… we all started out helpless and without a clue, right?).

Maybe somehow, somewhere, someone will have a laugh reading my thoughts and notes. That will be my highest reward. Meanwhile my job is to show up regularly and publish all weirdness and goodness about #women #motherhood #workingmom #feminism #art #visualculture #media

After all… A Woman’s Work Is Never Done